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Work-life balance is hard to define, but you’ve probably felt it when it’s out of balance. Being torn between competing responsibilities and to-do lists can feel overwhelming. These negative feelings can impact our well-being and over time our physical health.

Stress Less for a Healthier Heart

We have tools that can help you take small steps on your journey to find your own balance. Our meQuilibrium (meQ) digital mental well-being program is a great place to start. It offers articles, activities, videos and skill-building exercises to help you, including:

  • The Work-Life Balance challenge
  • Master Work-Life Balance skill-building exercise
  • Rethink Work-Life Balance article
  • The Myth of Work/Life Balance webcast

meQ is available at no extra cost to members of fully insured Florida Blue health plans*.

Before you attempt to re-order your life to attain balance, take the short quiz below to understand how well you’re balancing your personal, school, work and private time. Use your answers to identify areas where you can take small steps to help improve your overall mental well-being.

Balancing Your Home Life, Work Life and Free Time Quiz

Take this quiz to get started and help identify how well you are balancing your personal, school, work and private time. Answer yes or no to each of the following questions.

Home Life

  • Does your family feel that you spend enough time with them?
  • Are family meetings (to discuss errands, chores, problems, etc.) a routine in your household?
  • Do you connect with family members about household responsibilities in a constructive way?
  • Do you prepare for meals, trips, and other family occasions ahead of time?

Work Life

  • Have you considered long-term career goals or where you want your career to take you?
  • Can you adequately handle your assigned work duties?
  • Can you complete your job during the hours you spend at your job?
  • Are you and your family comfortably supported by the amount of money you make?

Free Time

  • Do you partake in a regular exercise program (bike riding, going to fitness classes, attending a gym)?
  • Do you take time off for you (for instance, taking a vacation within the past year)?
  • Are you active in developing interests like painting, playing a musical instrument, or furthering your education?
  • When you take time for yourself, like to take a bath or read a book, do you feel it's acceptable? Some of us may feel guilty if we aren't spending this free time with loved ones.

Tally up how many yes and no answers you have. If you answered "no" to more than three of these questions, then this quiz has identified areas where you can improve. Take a careful look and think about how you can spend the next week focusing on these specific areas in your life. The ultimate goal is to find your inner balance by ending each day feeling complete, feeling as though you accomplished what you set out to do that day and enjoyed it.

Source: This article was written by The StayWell Company, LLC ©2021; and provided to us by Lucet.



*meQuilibrium is an independent company contracted by Florida Blue to provide health and wellness services and resources to members. This benefit is available to Florida Blue members age 18 and older. Eligibility is limited to members with an individual or family plan, an individual or family ACA plan and members with coverage from their fully insured group employer health plan.


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