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Jeff Goddard

Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Thurman Justice - Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff Goddard is executive vice president and chief financial officer for GuideWell. He has overall responsibility for the financial areas of the enterprise including Corporate Accounting and Financial Reporting, Tax, Financial Planning, Procurement, Real Estate and Treasury and Investment Operations. He also oversees Corporate Development and Strategic Investment (CDSI) activity.

He and his family are actively involved in causes focused on the support of people living with rare diseases and with community arts and theatre programs.

Jeff holds a bachelor’s in accounting from the University of Connecticut.


“Strategic financial planning and investment play an essential role in advancing health by delivering people-centric innovation and progressive solutions. This approach supports our commitment to caring for people when and where it matters most in their health care journey.”

-Jeff Goddard, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer


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