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How do I submit a claim?

If your provider or pharmacy is in your plan's network, they'll submit the claim for you.

If you saw an out-of-network provider, you'll need to submit a medical claim form. If this was for emergency care, call us first at 800-352-2583 to see if a claim was filed.

If you paid for a prescription drug in full and think it should be covered, complete a prescription drug claim form, attach your receipt and send it to the address on the form.

To find forms, log in to your account and click My Claims.

Where can I get information on my claims?

You should receive a member health statement each month, which details each of your claims. It explains how we processed a medical claim based on your plan. It shows any out-of-pocket costs that are your responsibility, how much was paid by Florida Blue and the status of your deductibles. You'll get it in the mail or you can see it on your account.  Just log in and click My Claims.

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