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Online tools and apps may help support your mental health. There are digital apps that are designed to improve your mental well-being and self-care, provide early intervention, and even connect you to a therapist. Technology has expanded our options for getting help right at our fingertips. Digital apps can be used on their own or in addition to other types of therapy or support. Whether you’d like to follow a meditation plan, learn ways to reduce your anxiety, or get support, you may find convenient help with one of the many mental health apps now available.

How can apps help with mental well-being?

We know that self-care is important to our overall mental well-being and now there are apps that focus on specific self-care areas, including:

Mindfulness/ Stress Management                          

Life can be unpredictable, overwhelming, and difficult sometimes. These apps encourage you to focus on the present moment to help create a calm environment. Apps focused on mindfulness often offer guided meditation, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques. They may include reminders, timers, and schedules to keep you on regular schedule.

meQuilibrium* is an online mental well-being program designed to help Florida Blue members face each day with confidence. Backed by research, meQuilibrium can help you:

  • Calm anxiety
  • Successfully manage day-to-day stress
  • Improve your sleep

This self-guided personalized program improves resiliency skills and helps with mental well-being.  Watch a Calm-cast video, try a resilience-building skill, or complete an activity all designed to help you reduce your stress and anxiety and improve your health.

It is available at no extra cost with most Florida Blue health plans. Look for meQuilibrium in the Find & Get Care section of your member account.


One in three adults do not get enough sleep at night.1 Sleep apps can help you achieve better, more restful sleep. They provide tips and techniques to wind down, like listening to relaxing music, sounds, or stories. Some apps can connect with a device you wear while you sleep to collect information and offer suggestions for how to improve your sleep.


If support is needed by a licensed mental health professional, therapy can be provided online through telehealth services. Providers like Teladoc**, included with many Florida Blue health plans, use online and digital health tools for online talk therapy or psychiatric care. Online providers may have availability 7 days a week and during non-traditional business hours to meet your needs and schedule. Many mental health apps offer matching services to help you find the best therapist that’s right for you.

Note: These therapists may not be part of your health plan and you may be responsible for paying part or all of the fee. Many Florida Blue health plans offer both in-person and virtual visits with network providers. Members can log in to their member account on and select Find and Get Care to find a mental health professional who offers virtual visits. Members can also call our mental health care partner Lucet***, at 866-287-9569 to find in-network providers who see patients virtually.

What should I look for in a digital app?

Just like finding the right therapist, you’ll want to consider these questions to find the right app for you:

1. What does it do?

Think about what you are trying to get out of an app. What do you need help with or want to achieve? Does it have the features you’re seeking?

2. How does it work?

Does the app work the way you like? Do you find the features easy to use? Is it compatible with other devices that you use, like a smartwatch or laptop? Can you share information gathered in the app with a therapist or doctor?

3. How much does it cost?

Many apps are free or offer a free trial period.

4. What is the app’s reputation or rating?

How do other users rate their experience with the app? For apps with therapy support, are their mental health professionals licensed? Read the app’s privacy policy and fine print. Does the app share or sell personal data? Are the activities evidence-based, meaning they are based on research findings? Is the app from a reputable source? Is the app secure?

Florida Blue members can visit Lucet to find online tools and app recommendations. Members can also call Lucet, at 866-287-9569 to find in-network providers who see patients virtually.

*meQuilibrium is an independent company contracted by Florida Blue to provide health and wellness services and resources to members. This benefit is available to Florida Blue members age 18 and older.  Eligibility is limited to members with an individual or family plan, an individual or family ACA plan and members with coverage from their fully insured group employer health plan.

**Teladoc is an independent company contracted by Florida Blue to provide physician visits via phone or online video to members with non-emergent medical issues. Teladoc is only available in the U.S. Teladoc® is a trademark of Teladoc, Inc.

***Florida Blue contracts with Lucet to provide behavioral health services.

1 National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. What are Sleep Deprivation and Deficiency?

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