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Disability plans for your employees

We’ve partnered with USAble Life to offer short term disability and long term disability insurance for an additional layer of security. When your employees can’t work due to a disabling condition, everyone suffers. USAble Life’s Disability policies help offer employees the peace of mind of knowing they have income protection so they can focus on getting well and returning to work sooner.

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Short term disability

  • Picks up where sick time leaves off
  • Replaces a portion of an employee’s income 
  • Benefits are paid on a weekly basis directly to the employee for medical and non-medical expenses 

Long term disability  

  • Protects an employee’s family income from extended absences due to a disabling long-term condition
  • Benefits are paid on a monthly basis directly to the employee for medical and non-medical expenses

* Group Disability Insurance is available for mid- and large-sized businesses with 51 or more employees.

Florida Blue is an Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. Supplemental, Life, and Disability products are offered by USAble Life. USAble Life is an independent company and operates separately from Florida Blue.

The ancillary insurance benefits discussed herein are offered in separate policies.

This is a brief description of USAble Life’s ancillary Insurance coverage. This is not an insurance policy. The ancillary insurance policies discussed herein have exclusions, limitations, benefit reductions, and other terms governing renewability and termination. For costs and complete details of coverage, please contact your Florida Blue Representative.

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